Rules for agency

If you have a huge number of streamer resources, join the Nimo TV Facebook streamer group to register and become our agency to get higher salary:


Agency Recruitment Rules

1) We offering paid deal for agent only if the streamer's broadcasting valid days ≥ 15days, broadcasting valid hours ≥ 30 hrs.

2) The agency can get 5% of the salary of each streamer for the extra bonus every month(including all the bonus). 

3) Complete the official mission requirements, get a stable minimum salary.

Number of new streamer number of broadcasting streamer Salary
50 0 $100 + 5% of the income of streamer
100 50 $200 + 5% of the income of streamer
150 80 $300 + 5% of the income of streamer
200 120 $500 + 5% of the income of streamer

Other conditions:

1) All of the users of Nimo TV are allows to participate in.

2) You must be a gaming streamer.

3) If the streamer have violation,including false popularity and false new fans, or plug in, etc., the salary will be deducted.

4) NIMO TV reserves the right to terminate the event at any time, and all rights of the event belongs to NIMO TV.